It’s Alright to Be Seen, a chapbook published by Dancing Girl Press

Saying Goodbye, a mini-chapbook illustrated by Nate McDonough of Grixly Comics


Lunch Ticket: “stumbled”

After Happy Hour Review: “the rain”

HAD: “i had two wines at the office christmas party”

Permafrost Magazine: “i loved someone who loved stupid things”

Seneca Review: “john from the mailroom”

Prairie Schooner: “what color is your bedroom, paul asks” and “kenny asks about you”

Pittsburgh Poetry Journal: “when you’re made up”

Cosmonauts Avenue: “the prettiest ones” and “women who are trying to sink”

IDK Magazine: “dial now” and “the real miracle being”

Bodega: “today i am an old windsock and strappy sandals”

Lambda Literary Poetry Spotlight: “today i am too much cleavage for work”

Jellyfish Magazine: “today i am shock-white snakeskin (leather but, under the surface, abuzz)”

The Pinch: “today i am a white-glitz pall”

Juked: “you, slug-prince and me, cinderella of my own making”

Alien Mouth: “so maybe i liked a picture”

Selfish: “what’s your problem,” “schism,” and “if i were a kind of girlfriend”

Pittsburgh Poetry Review: “today i am a funhouse shroud” and “today i am a pinched pink petal”

Pretty Owl Poetry: “every man is a year younger than you”

Rawboned: “i kept thinking”

bluestockings magazine: “if it’ll feel like scraping”

Booth: “log in”

Nonfiction, Interviews, Book Reviews, etc.

“Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Certain Seeds,” – micro nonfiction for Dinner Bell Magazine

Q&A – for IDK Magazine’s Issue #4

“my grandma had it too; snake-fear,” – micro nonfiction for Nailed Magazine’s Deathwish Series

Recording of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “Recuerdo” and reflections on Women’s History Month – for Pretty Owl Poetry

“Writing on the Knife’s Edge,” – an interview with Natasha Trethewey for Hot Metal Bridge

“A Scatter of Words, a Scramble” – a review of J.A. Tyler’s Comatose for Hot Metal Bridge

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